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Why you may like Notix
Notix is flexible and user-friendly. Plus, we’re ready to meet your custom needs. Here is what you may get from Notix and Izooto free plan.
According to official public info published by Izooto
Delivery rate
Push notifications
Zone adding
Audience segments
Personalized Notifications
A/B testing
Timezone delivery
GDPR Compliant
Confirmed deliveries
Time delayed sends
Unsubscribtion function
Personal manager
Integration with RSS feed
Pricing from $250 per month
Pricing from $250 per month
Enterprise pricing
Pricing from $85 per month
Up to 100
From $85 per month
Non guarantee
If you still have doubts, you can use the FREE parallel testing option to compare the results with the current push provider.
There's more
Parallel Testing
If you want to make your own comparison – we can help! Contact us, and we'll show you how to test Notix while using Izooto.
Database Migration
If you have a subscriber database with your current provider, you can easily move it to Notix with no losses.
WordPress Plugin
Are you hosting your website in WordPress? Fantastic! You can simply add a web push notifications plugin for your website, in just two clicks.
Still have doubts or questions?
We are happy to introduce Notix’s features, explain how your business can benefit from push notifications, or give you some useful recommendations.
Read business cases and fresh articles
Are you looking to maximize the profit from your subscriber base without the hassle of changing your current push notification service?
Are you absolutely sure the results you are getting are as high as they could be?
E se você tiver milhões de usuários ativos? Imagine o nível de engajamento que você pode alcançar com a estratégia correta.
NOTIX is an audience re-engagement service based on web and in-app push notifications that work for both desktop and mobile devices.
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